What is a local association of Realtors®?

Real Estate licensees who are REALTORS® are part of the largest trade-association in the country.  At the national level the National Association of REALTORS is comprised of over 1.3 million members.  There are 55 states and territorial associations, broken up into 13 regions.  Each state or territorial association is comprised of “local” associations.  

The members with which you interact belong to a local association.  It is at the local level where most agents are engaged.  There are approximately 1200 local associations across the country, 40 local residential associations are in Michigan.  

Members choose the association to which they belong.  Some make that selection because it is the “least expensive; others because it is the largest.”  

The Grosse Pointe business model is based on two things: 
Providing the best member experience
Working every day to make members more productive, successful and profitable.  

A consumer cannot benefit from an association’s size, or because an association saves an agent $50.00 a year.  Instead, you will benefit because your agent is properly supported, educated, encouraged and appreciated, allowing them to deliver the best consumer experience as it relates to real property.

Properly supported by us, our members can best help you.



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