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  • Weekend Open Houses are visible to the public and will display beginning at 3pm on Thursday


Due to the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services order we will not be posting an open house list. Current restrictions have deemed open houses to not be allowed. The Association does not dictact general business practices for member brokerages or agents and does not support the use of open houses during the currnet MDHHS order. Please see below:

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, in coordination with Governor Whitmer, issued an order that will run until February 21st. This Order comes as Covid-19 cases have been increasing statewide and hospital capacity has become a significant concern.

Michigan Realtors® has been in regular contact with the Governor’s Office and Health Policy Team to stress that real estate can be done in a safe and client-focused manner. As the order relates to real estate, it will allow for continued in-person client services and scheduled showings. Read more about the order here.

However, the following restrictions will be in place:

  • Masks are required for all gatherings, including real estate showings.
  •  What gathering rules apply to open house events and private real estate showings?A: Any event that takes place in or at a residence must adhere to the residential gathering limits – even if the residence is vacant. Accordingly, open houses, real estate showings, and all other events at residential properties must not exceed 15 people from 3 households indoors at the same time.
  • Michigan Association of REALTORS® asks members to promote the following practices:
  • Practices for Sellers Permitting Showings:
    • Sellers may not be present during showings.
    • Prior to any scheduled showing, Sellers should turn on all lights and leave interior doors, drapes and blinds open. This will ensure that anyone entering the home will not need to touch light switches/doorknobs.
    • Prior to and after any showing, Sellers should clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, handles, light switches and countertops.
  • Practices for Buyers During Showings:
    • Buyers and agents must wear masks.
    • Buyers attending showings should meet their agents at the property and wait in their car for the agent to arrive.
    • Buyers should not bring anyone to the showing who does not need to view the property.
    • All adults attending the showing should sign a Showing Certification and Release. (Updated document will be linked soon).
    • Buyers should not touch any surfaces in the property.
    • Buyers should not turn off lights or close interior doors. They should not share phones, pens, tablets etc. with anyone else attending the showing.
    • Buyers are encouraged to wear gloves while viewing a home.
    • Buyers should use hand sanitizer immediately prior to entering the home and upon exiting prior to getting into their car.
    • Buyers are encouraged to minimize the time physically present at a home.

** We at the Grosse Pointe Board of Realtors suggest that the Broker/Agent use discretion when offering their listings for tour at both Broker Opens and Open House venues by striving to coordinate and maintain the least amount of personal contact with Agents and the Public, and by limiting capacity during opens.

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