Community: – Our members are engaged in the communities where they live, work, and play.  You might run into them volunteering with your local historical society, helping with Habitat for Humanity, involved with the League of Women Voters, serving on a School Board facilities Task Force, playing Jolly old St. Nick at Christmas or helping citizens make sure their properties are not over taxed.  Ask around - someone you might already know from one of these groups or something similar is likely a GPBR member.

GPBR members also support many charitable organizations including The Yellow Ribbon Fund and the Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs for our veterans. We also support the Boys & Girls Clubs and Judson Center which provides family support, and or Gleaners, the Salvation Army, and Forgotten Harvest for those in need to name a few.

The GPBR, through its Community Service Committee also manages applications for 12 different grant programs totaling $66,000 annually.  These grants are in four areas: Placemaking, Smart Growth, Diversity, and Housing Opportunity.  In 2015 the GPBR provided more grants to communities in Southeast Michigan than the other 39 local associations in Michigan combined.

Business: – National data shows that as REALTOR® associations grow members become less engaged.  Fewer people participate and are involved in decisions; engagement beneficial to the consumer declines.  

GPBR members do not follow this trend.  While membership has grown by more than 60%, in 2017 more than a third of GPBR members were involved face-to-face at one of our events, programs, classes or meetings.  The industry average is 10%.  

Members who are uninvolved and unengaged, do not understand transparency and are unable to be a resource to consumers.  While the GPBR retains a 15% participation rate for a quorum to conduct the business of the association, other associations that have grown larger require less than 0.5% of their members to make decisions for thousands.  

Don’t let the name Grosse Pointe fool you.  The GPBR footprint extends across Michigan with offices in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and St. Clair Counties.  The reach of our business affiliations extends from Downtown Detroit to the golf links and ski slopes of Crystal Mountain.  



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